Shoveling Snow can be training too!

When it snows out, many people complain that they will have to shovel. They say that their backs hurt and that it’s exhausting. Well, we’re getting hit with a snowstorm right now. I, personally, look forward to it!

Why? Because, as a kung fu practitioner, I no longer look for the easy way out. I like the challenge. I like the hard work. My shoveling job isn’t small by any means. It’s about 70 feet across the front of the house for the sidewalk, 40 feet down the path to the front door, and another 80 feet from the street to the garage. It will probably take me over an hour of shoveling if there is a foot of snow. But how can we make this into more than exercise?

We can turn shoveling into exercise by using our foundation and using movements from our staff or spear training. The mabu and gung bu stances are going to be essential. Thrust and “bong” will be utilized. White bird and black bird will also be used with every shovelful. What are these? Well that will take a lot of explanation…

Starting off, hold the shovel like a staff. Place one hand on the rear, and another about three feet away from the rear. Step into gung bu and thrust the head of the shovel into the snow. Then to lift, sink into your ma bu stance, and “bong,” by shoving the rear hand down, while simultaneously “white birding” (which means curling your wrist toward you). This will flick the snow behind you and to your side. Repeat, and switch sides often.

By shoveling like this, it will actually save your back, while strengthening the muscles we use in Kung Fu. It will also reinforce your stances, of gung bu and ma bu. It will further increase your coordination of your arms and legs when you flick the snow to the side. I hope you give it a try!

I will be looking to post video or images of this soon!

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