The Wu Tang Experience

It definitely doesn’t exist within my belief system to believe in coincidence or chance, but ever since I stepped into the doors of the Wu-Tang school, I knew I belonged here.
I have always been someone who has been fascinated by the world of martial arts, but my experience has showed me that in this great world, kung fu is like the core. The earth derives all of its power and energy from its core, and without it, not much is possible. From me seeing many different types of martial arts, its quite clear to see that Kung Fu martial arts, its quite clear to see that kung fu started it all. From the Wu-Tang system of basic movements to our many forms – every single step, every movement, and even every breath has its purpose.
I must be totally honest though… I never imagined myself coming this far. To say that kung fu isn’t simple is an understatement. I had such a difficult time simply learning the basic movements, and especially my first form (tan tuei). There were so many awkward positions and movements; I thought to myself, “how is this stuff ever going to be useful?” I also thought to myself, “You should just do something easy like karate or tae-kwon do.” However, after plenty of frustration, I began to realize that kung fu is a very sophisticated and intellectual way of self-defense, and likewise, it requires the practitioner to be sophisticated and intellectual.
One of the biggest challenges when I first started was the transition form a body-builder to a kung fu practitioner. So everything that I did was so rigid and tight. I had the mentality that great power came from big muscles and tensing up. I eventually realized that true power comes more from a natural flow, quite similar to the awesome power of the ocean. As Bruce Lee once would say “be like water.” After embracing this philosophy, which now seems to be logical thought, I’m a completely different martial artist. The way that I move now, the way that I practice, and fight – it’s all with power, as well as finesse.
I must say, I am extremely proud of my progress. I can remember the very first day that I started, and I have now been promoted to red belt. This is a major accomplishment for me, and I take tremendous pride in wearing my new belt. This belt not only shows my rank and skill, but this belt also represents out Wu-Tang system—which in my opinion was brilliantly put together. Not only that, my belt also represents our Grandmaster, our master—Marlon Ma, all of my Kung Fu brothers and sisters, and of course, my sifu—David Chiang. Words honestly couldn’t express the high level of gratitude, respect and admiration that I have for him, which is why whenever I salute him, shake his hand or even say hello or thank you – I sincerely mean it from the heart. Sifu David has taught me more in 1 ½ to 2 years that I’ve been at Wu-Tang than any other teacher I’ve had in all my years of schooling. You see, there’s knowledge and then there’s knowledge that is useful and can be applied to life.
I plan to keep on striving to be the best I can possibly be. Wu-Tang Kung Fu is not only the way to defeat my enemy, but for me, this is the way to master our biggest opponent—ourselves.

Student, Keith G. Owens
Red Belt, Spring Test, 2007