Why Wu Tang

The most important thing about choosing a martial arts school is whether you are comfortable.
We at the Wu Tang promote a comfortable, encouraging environment where you will feel empowered and able to learn. Our students and instructors want to help each other improve because better students make other students and instructors even better. We promote discussion and questions, rather than forcing you to do it one way. We understand that we are all built differently and have different capabilities, and we will help you maximize your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.

Another important factor to consider is effectiveness of what you are learning.
We teach traditional kung fu, which means that it is useful, not flashy. Every movement you will learn is an effective fighting technique. You will be taught how to apply what you learn and to think about how to use what you have learned in new and different ways. Kung fu will improve your attitude, your problem solving ability and your confidence. It will be hard, but you will learn to love the challenge. Kung Fu emphasizes intelligent action, not raw power. We will discuss how psychology, physics, biology, strategy, and philosophy will all affect what you do when you need to fight.
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Also consider who will be teaching you.
At Wu Tang, many of our instructors have been practicing kung fu for over 20 years. Virtually all of our instructors have 10 years of experience. Few other schools can say that. Each of our instructors has been trained in the Wu Tang system and risen through the ranks. Most of our adult instructors all have other jobs, and do thi,s not for the money, but because they love kung fu. They value what they have learned and know it is important to teach you well. You will gain the insight of all their years of experience and benefit from their passion for kung fu. Do not confuse a good fighter with a good teacher. A good teacher of martial arts must be much more than a good fighter- You will find our teachers to be just that.
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One of our guiding concepts is that Kung fu is never doing anything the same way twice. Always seek to improve what you are doing, by making it more efficient, powerful, graceful, and effective. Try to do things different ways to see what is wrong, as much as what is right. We encourage you to ask questions, to seek to understand the meaning of every movement, and to use the thinking skills you learn here to help you understand the world better.

Come and try out a class, and you will find that you will enjoy learning with us.