Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is both a style of martial arts and a philosophy. Its application in martial art was derived and created from Long Fist, a style of Kung Fu which had a well rounded system. It is becoming very popular in America due to both health and fitness benefits.

There are many branches of Tai Chi, many of which our school teaches. Yang Tai Chi emphasizes slow, controlled breathing and internal training. The Chen Tai Chi class emphasizes more on physical fitness and combat. The Fast Tai Chi class targets young adults. The faster pace helps younger students train their body, mind and spirit.

For a long period of time, Chinese Tao, Yin Yang, and Tai Chi Theory has been incorporated into many martial art and health systems (Yang/Chen/Wu Style Tai Chi, Long Fist, Tai Zu Long Fist, etc.)

All classes have basic stance training. They also all include teaching the Tai Chi forms and stationary and moving push hands. Advanced classes teach Ba Ji open gate push hands as well.