Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis, known as Tang Lang Chuan in Chinese, originates from the Shandong province. It is a part of the northern system of martial arts.

Praying Mantis concentrates on using skill to beat power, using small to fight large, using soft to overcomne hard, and using few to defeat many. Students learn to understand the reactions of fighters and how to take advantage of those reactions. During this stage of training our students develop speed and power.

Northern Praying Mantis originates from the Shandong province more than 2700 years ago. It emphasizes quick strikes and continuous, never-ending attacks.

Famed war strategist/philosopher Sun Tzu (Art of War) and Praying Mantis fighting style both originate from Shandong Province, sharing similar traits (defeat many with few, using surprise attack to conquer the enemy, etc.)