Ba Ji Chuan / Pi Gua Palm

Ba Ji Chuan and Pi Gua Zhang (palm) are the most popular fighting styles which originate from Chang Zhou, a famous martial arts village in the province of He Bei. Originally, these styles were taught only to armored guards and were kept secret to outsiders. Anyone who was not associated to the bodyguards were not allowed to learn these styles. Ba Ji and Pi Gua have advanced concepts that involve internal and external power working together.

Our training method includes strengthening both the internal and external parts of the body and mind. We teach how to control one’s breathing and to use the body as a united core to attack instead of parts such as the arms or legs. With each hit, the opponent feels the the strength of the entire body. To gain this kind of power, it takes a lot of training. The body’s structure will slowly become stronger; it is similar to creating a fine work of art. Using Pi Gua and Ba Ji together will cover both close combat and long range fighting. One quotation that rose during the Ching Dynasty stated that during peaceful times, Tai Chi will help the country. When war comes, Ba Ji will make the world justified.

  • Beginning Course: A. Jin zon chuan B. Small Ba ji chuan C. King kong 8 section D. Pi Gua 1 — 4 road E. Ba Ji wrestling rack
  • Intermediate Course: A. King Kong 8 section / two man B. Small Ba Ji chuan / two man C.Pi Gua 5 — 8 road D. Large Ba ji chuan E. Pi Gua 1 form
  • Advanced Course: A. Large Ba Ji chuan / two man B. Six harmony spear 1 form C. Ba Ji Sword D. Ba ji 6 big open gate section E. Pi Gua saber
  • Coach (Si Fu): A. Ba Ji chain ring fist B. Pi Gau 2 form C. Pi Gua double saber D. Ba ji sword / two man E. Six harmony spear 2 form F. Ba Ji / Pi Gua combination