The New York Wu Tang school was founded by Grandmaster Marlon Ma.


Grandmaster Marlon Ma

Our Senior Instructors have all studied with our school for over 15 years. They have studied all Long Fist, Praying Mantis, Baji Chuan, PiKua Chuan, and Tai Chi Chuan, as well as weapons training. They have trained hundreds of students over the years and continue to refine their teaching.

Senior Instructors

Master Alex Chang

Master David Chiang

Kazumasa Kuken

Naoki Okai

Howard Lau

Our Instructors have all risen up through the ranks of the Wu Tang School, and attained not only the level of black belt, but have been qualified to become lead classes, and train students in the many styles within the Wu Tang System.


Raz Levinson

Yifan Zhou


Patrick Jurakhan

Jake Preda

Marvin Go

Tom Tsai

James Gu

Dorje Chen


Jin Ooi

robert kuan

Robert Kuan

Taison Okai

George Hu


Karen Liang

Our Assistant Instructors are black belts students who have not only excelled at kung fu, but at leading and teaching other students to improve. Intelligent and strong, they are warrior scholars.

Assistant Instructors


Sean Zhou


Kendu Irving