The Wu Tang Chinese Martial Arts System was founded in 1971 by Grandmaster Liu Yuen-Chiao in Taiwan. His purpose was to organize, research, and promote authentic Chinese martial arts.

Grandmaster Liu Yuen-Chiao was one of the most famous students of Great Grandmaster Li Shuwen, also known as the God of Spear. Li Shuwen was a master of Ba Ji Quan from CangZhou, China. He was a skilled fighter, who was well known for not knowing what it was like to hit a man twice. As a testament to the skills of Li Shuwen, it was notable that three of his most famous students were:
Liu Yuen-Chiao, who was a secret agent for the Republic of China, and trainer of the bodyguards of President Chiang Kai-Shek;
Li Chenwu, bodyguard to the leader of the People’s Republic of China, Mao Zhedong;
and Huo Dian Ge, bodyguard to the last Emperor of China, Pu Yi.

Grandmaster Liu Yuen-Chiao recognized the need to preserve and spread kung fu. Kung Fu and the thousands of years of research and knowledge that was associated with it was in danger of being lost forever due to the cultural revolution. Many of the masters of kung fu who were persecuted and killed in China during the Cultural Revolution. Fortunately, Taiwan became a museum of kung fu, because many of kung fu masters were involved in the military of the Republic of China that fled to Taiwan. Seeing that kung fu was at risk, Grandmaster Liu had the foresight to recognize that it was time to open up the teaching of kung fu, which up until that point had been secretive, and the knowledge was very closely held.

By 1992, when he passed away, Grandmaster Liu and his disciples had instructed more than thirty thousand students and were on the teaching staff of over 40 colleges. The Wu Tang Chinese Martial Arts Center has become the largest and most popular independent Kung Fu school in Taiwan.

Grandmaster Liu’s effort in the development of Wu Tang played a crucial role in the modern history of Chinese martial arts by bringing the accessibility and popularity of Kung Fu training back into the Chinese and Taiwanese community.

The New York Wu Tang Chinese Martial Arts Center has been teaching and promoting authentic traditional-style Kung Fu for over 25 years. Since 1988, we have been a part of your community, helping to educate and strengthen children and adults in a healthy manner.

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