Second Annual Trip to China’s San Dong Province for Traditional Martial Arts (Kung Fu) in 1999

by Peter Casini

Nowadays we often see people demonstrating the Wu Su style and it looks very impressive; however, this style has strayed from the roots of traditional Chinese martial arts. This trip is a wonderful opportunity to go to China and see authentic traditional Kung Fu at the Annual Martial arts Festival of San Dong Province. There, you will be able to attend seminars given by true masters. You will also have a chance to see martial artists from all over the world.

On this trip to China, you will see beautiful seaside sights, enjoy styles of food available only in Northern China and meet the friendly people of San Dong Province.

When Grandmaster Liu was a young man, he was gifted and well trained in Kung Fu, despite Liu’s talents. When he arrived in San Dong Province, he found that people using the Praying Mantis style could defeat him. Therefore, he chose to continue his studies in San Dong Province. This is where he earned his reputation for being full of energy and a good fighter. San Dong Province is the only traditional martial arts, Kung Fu, tournament in China. It is a national treasure. One-third of the traditional martial arts styles originated in San Dong Province. There are important historical records and original documents there that were written years ago by masters of traditional chinese martial arts. Teachers there continue to provide traditional martial arts training.

San Dong Province is the birthplace of much of Chinese culture. Confucius and Lao-tse were from San Dong Province. Swun-tsu, who wrote a classic text on military arts, was also from there. T’ai Mountain is in San Dong Province. Traditionally, T’ai Mountain is where people would go to have ceremonies praying for a good year. There is a saying that when you go up to T’ai Mountain, you can feel how small the other mountains are.

If you are a traditional Chinese martial artist and you love Chinese culture, this trip will be your best opportunity to visit China.

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