Classes for Children:

The Wu Tang offers one of the best programs for children that can be found anywhere in the world.

Our classes are taught only by skilled instructors and assistant instructors who have worked their way up through our ranks and studied several of our styles. Virtually all of the instructors teaching the children’s classes have attained the level of Black Belt and have studied over five years. Our instructors are not only skilled at fighting, but they are good at developing strong relationships with the students, which allows the instructors to instill confidence, discipline and determination.

Our philosophy of teaching encourages older and/or more advanced students to take responsibility, and lead others. You will find that our students are far more mature than others at their age. You will be amazed by the ability and discipline of our Black Belt assistant instructors, who behave like adults, rather than teenagers. Our best students can easily hold their own and even defeat bigger and stronger adults, as well as multiple attackers.

Training at Wu Tang will prepare your child for real life challenges of all types. They will learn how to handle bullies, muggers, and other attackers. They will also learn to be analytical and courageous, allowing them to make better decisions as they grow up.

Your child will learn skills that improve concentration and coordination. They will train their minds and bodies to deal with hardship, and discomfort. Your child will learn to seek out challenges, not shrink away from them. They will play games which develop their speed, strength, stamina, awareness and coordination. But most importantly, our students learn to responsible handle the power which they gain.

We offer classes for children 5 days a week. On the remaining two days, the classes are open to mature children as well as adults.

There is no other program that comes close to ours. Come in and see what your child can do.

Please see our schedule for our children’s classes.

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