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  • 2016 Wutang Hall Of Fame in Ohio We had an amazing trip to Ohio this past August. Eight members of our school attended the Tournament, with Master David Chiang judging one of the main competition rings. Instructors Kuya Okai and Karen Liang performed admirably, winning several medals each. Our seven competitors brought home 19 medals,...
  • We hate to do it, but we are closed for the rest of today! While we were open thanks to the dedication of Sifu Kazumasa Kuken, it was a quiet morning. He was diligent and shoveled the front of the school so that everyone could pass by. It’s still snowing hard and there is already about 1 foot. We will be...
  • Shoveling Snow can be training too! When it snows out, many people complain that they will have to shovel. They say that their backs hurt and that it’s exhausting. Well, we’re getting hit with a snowstorm right now. I, personally, look forward to it! Why? Because, as a kung fu practitioner, I no...

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