What is Foundation?

When I think of a foundation, I imagine anything that gives something the ability to become what it will ultimately become; In other words, if I am going to run 5 miles I need the ground below me to do so. A person can go even deeper into this idea if they would like, if you think about the world on a subatomic level, or even on a biochemical level; in laymen’s terms, there is a foundation for every step of way, a science behind everything.
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The Wu Tang Approach To Teaching Kung Fu

In the Wu Tang Martial Arts system, our instructors do not just train people to become elite fighters, but turn them into the future leaders and teachers. Without knowing how to teach, you will never understand your techniques. If you cannot explain when, why, and how a movement is used, then you do not understand all aspects of the movement yourself. Therefore, in order to fully comprehend all physical and cognitive aspects or martial arts, one must teach.

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5 Things I Learned from Teaching

Right now, I have been teaching for almost 2 years and I learned a lot about teaching. When you teach someone a form, you’re not only helping them but you’re helping yourself by remembering a form you did (doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice). Say if a new student comes to Wu Tang, the higher level students can review from teaching them Tan Tuei 1-6 and then 7-12. When you review with the students you could also find mistakes so that’s another way of learning.
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Ma Bu and Ma Bu Stance

by Peter Casini, based on the teachings of Master Marlon Ma

It is amazing how much is written about Tai Chi and Tai Chi practice and yet very little is mentioned about Ma Bu. For those practicing Tai Chi or any form of Chinese Martial Art (CMA) they know what is Ma Bu. They know for example that the Ma Bu stance is essential to develop leg strength. Using the correct posture and position will also generate inner body heat and better circulation.

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Second Annual Trip to China’s San Dong Province for Traditional Martial Arts (Kung Fu) in 1999

by Peter Casini

Nowadays we often see people demonstrating the Wu Su style and it looks very impressive; however, this style has strayed from the roots of traditional Chinese martial arts. This trip is a wonderful opportunity to go to China and see authentic traditional Kung Fu at the Annual Martial arts Festival of San Dong Province. There, you will be able to attend seminars given by true masters. You will also have a chance to see martial artists from all over the world.

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Tao, Tai Chi, and Tai Chi Chuan

by Master Marlone Ma

In Asia today, many people do T’ai Chi Chuan regularly. Most of them are older, retired people who want to improve and protect their health.

These days, people spend a great deal of time and energy pursuing money and status. This lifestyle usually leaves people struggling to cope with a great deal of time, pressure and other stresses. While money and status are rewarding in some ways, many people eventually feel something is missing in their lives. Many discover that practicing T’ai Chi Chuan helps them find a different rhythm and deeper fulfillment in their lives.

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Batz Tai Chi and Health

by Master Marlon Ma

The benefits of Batz Tai Chi for health can lengthen your life as well as improve its quality. A healthy mind and body work together when practicing Batz Tai Chi. The five important aspects of the practice of this martial art are listed and explained below.

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